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A symposium on the book was published in 16(1) Jerusalem Review of Legal Studies (2017), with comments by Harry Arthurs, Simon Deakin, Ruth Dukes, Guy Mundlak and Einat Albin


Another symposium on the book was published in 156(4) Giornale di Diritto del Lavoro e delle Relazioni Industriali (2017) (in English), with comments by Bruno Caruso, Adalberto Perulli, Ralf Rogowski and Riccardo Del Punta


Additional reviews:


Zoe Adams, 75 Cambridge Law Journal (2016)

Barbara Kresal, 16 Delavci in Delodajalci (Employees & Employers, Slovenia) (2016) 

Kirill Tomashevski, 20 Labour and Social Law (Belarus) (2016)

Joe Atkinson, Industrial Law Journal (2017)

Andrew Frazer, Australian Journal of Labour Law (2017)

Cynthia Estlund, Comp. Labor Law & Policy Journal (2019)

Recent presentations (selected):
May 2018 Labour Law in Search of a Purpose, Leon Petrażycki Lecture, University of Warsaw
June 2018 Indirect Employment (With a Focus on Wages in Multinational Enterprises), Monteortone (Padova) Summer School
June 2018 Distributive Justice and Labour Law, Monteortone (Padova) Summer School
Nov 2018 Resolving Conflicts of Rights in the Workplace: The Purposive Approach, Aarhus University, Denmark 
June 2019 Nonwaivability in Labour Law, LLRN4 conference, Valparaiso, Chile
Jan 2020 Labour Court in Israel: Past, Present, Future, Keynote Lecture at Sapir College [Hebrew]
Sep 2020 Improving Compliance with Labour Laws: The Role of Courts, Hebrew University
Nov 2020 Compliance With and Enforcement of Labour Laws, Sinzheimer Lecture 2020, Hugo Sinzheimer Institute, Frankfurt [video]